RetailPace & Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Elevate Your SFCC Experience with RetailPace's Comprehensive Data Integration

RetailPace proudly partners with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) to provide an unparalleled e-commerce data analytics experience. Our integration leverages SFCC’s robust APIs, including OCAPI and SCAPI, along with WebDav for logs and FTP for ERP exchange. This multifaceted approach ensures a seamless flow of data, empowering your business with real-time insights and enhanced performance monitoring.

Advanced Data Access and Analysis

Harnessing OCAPI and SCAPI for Data Ingestion

Unified API Integration: Utilize both OCAPI and SCAPI to access a complete range of commerce data, ensuring comprehensive data ingestion from SFCC.
Real-Time Synchronization: Keep your data consistently updated with RetailPace’s real-time sync capabilities, leveraging OCAPI and SCAPI for immediate data access and analysis.
Tailored Data Solutions: Customize your data integration to align with specific business requirements, making the most of SFCC’s versatile APIs.

Efficient Data Management

WebDav and FTP: Expanding Data Exchange Horizons

WebDav for Logs: Access and analyze log data efficiently using WebDav, enhancing your understanding of system operations and customer interactions.
FTP for ERP Exchange: Integrate seamlessly with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems via FTP, facilitating a smooth exchange of critical business data.

In-Depth Customer Insights

Monitoring Real-Time Customer Data

Customer Behavior Analysis: Track and analyze customer actions in real-time, gaining valuable insights into purchasing patterns, preferences, and behavior.
Enhanced Customer Engagement: Use these insights to tailor customer experiences, improve engagement, and drive sales.

Optimize Your Online Storefront

Page Performance Data Monitoring

Performance Analytics: Monitor your SFCC storefront’s page performance, identifying areas for optimization and enhancement.
Data-Driven Improvements: Utilize this data to ensure a fast, responsive, and efficient customer browsing experience.

Comprehensive, Integrated Analytics Solutions

Why Choose RetailPace with SFCC?

Holistic View of Your Business

Gain a complete understanding of your operations, from customer interactions to backend logistics.

Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Leverage advanced analytics for forecasting and strategic decision-making.

Customizable Dashboards

Visualize your data in a way that suits your business needs and goals.

Seamless, Supportive, and Scalable

Integrating RetailPace with SFCC

Effortless Integration Process

Experience a smooth and straightforward integration, supported by our expert team.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

 Benefit from RetailPace’s continuous updates, ensuring your analytics capabilities always remain ahead of the curve.

Scalable Solutions for Growth

As your business grows, so does your capacity to leverage data, thanks to our scalable integration.

Transform Your E-commerce Data Analytics with RetailPace

Discover the full potential of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform with RetailPace. Contact us for a personalized demo and explore how our advanced integration can revolutionize your e-commerce data strategy.